Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Dear Parents,

Not a day goes by that I am not marveled by your act of giving.

You gave to one another and made me come true.

And when I came into this world, you gave me more that you ever dreamt for yourselves. I can imagine the nights I kept you up and the days that I made you worry, for you know not what to do with me and yet you kept trying. You kept wanting the best for me, though sometimes, i think you didn't really ask me what was it I want.

When I got into trouble, you were the first people I thought of...not to rescue me but I was afraid that I would disappoint you. I know deep down that it will hurt you, though sometimes, I just choose to ignore it. As the years gone by, and as the nagging, scolding and pestering subsides, I realise that you've left an imprint in my life. A blueprint of how I will lead my life. My choices, in hindsight, seems to be guide by you. My strength seems to be gathered from you. And my wisdom and how I look at the world, seems to be from your eyes.

It would be foolish for me to think that I can run away from you. There were times that it seemed like a good idea. But reality is, I am your child and nothing will ever change that. It is as certain as death. I have learnt to embrace who you are to me and I have learnt to accept me as I am. I am a being that you nurtured and put your hopes onto. Yet, I am not you and have to live a life of my own.

So, I want to tell you that everything you have said and done for me, I appreciate. The times you thought I've turned a deaf ear, I've actually listened. And in the moment of silence, your voices are the loudest in my mind. I was born complete by you and have been ever since.

Thank you for your kindness and selflessness. You have made me want to be better. Not better than you but a better me.

I just want to tell you that I am fine and forever will be.

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Anonymous said...

one day you'll be the parents and you'll pray the child will understand and know why you did what you did, as you have. lucky parents.