Sunday, August 19, 2007

6 days

That's all it takes to make an otherwise sane, logical and strong person turn into an ugly mess...

When someone you love deeply goes away for an extended time (read that as more than 24hrs!), sanity and reason goes flying out the window. Time gives no meaning, home is just a prison, going out seem like a daunting task.

It is time like this that truly tests a person's resolve and ultimately a person's love for another. I'm glad to say that this time away makes the heart grows ever more fonder. But it's been a painful and long process. I'm just hoping there's an end to it soon, so that something great will grow out of it.

I know there is and it will...

I miss you terribly.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Voices from the past

Got a call from AW yesterday and was told that someone was looking for me. It was Pasree and unknown to her, she will be playing a character voice in the animation I'm currently producing. When I told her that she got the part, she was so excited. I was taken aback a little by the enthusiasm, to say the least. But I'm glad cos it tells me that the project I'm in is headed towards the right direction.

Later that night, I was attending the Digi Apostrophe thingy and met up with another soul that went for the audition. I've known Bernice from the time I was working in Planet Films (some 9 years ago!) We got along talking about it and like Pasree, she too was overly excited about the prospect of this project. She said "Finally, I get to play a character for an animation! Been doing too many voiceovers for radio and telly. Please, please, give me a part!" We went on and on about the project and though she didn't get a role in the upcoming episode, I know she will be in one of the episodes, if not more. I like her voice. We'll KIV it lah!

Finally...some real proof that this is a great project to be in. Just when I thought that I was just the handful of people who's excited about it. Their enthusiasm and wanting to be involved in it really made my day.

Digi Apostrophe

Went to attend the Digi Apostrophe competition last night and it was really interesting!

It's an initiative by Digi to flush out the creative geniuses from the average blokes and showcase their work being interpreted by artists. Over 8500 entries and only 16 was selected to be showcased. The task? Write a short, short story... using only 16 words!! Hah...

Just when you think the average Malaysian public is a dumb lot who cannot create anything new creatively and would buy into anything they are being fed (according to the some people in the government)... it was interesting to see the entries. Some were macabre, some sad and most just got you thinking. All in 16 words?! Yes, more DOES NOT mean better.

Here's an initiative from a corporate body that is serious in promoting the arts in this country, not some haphazard effort with a logo and a slogan with nothing to show. Bravo Digi!!

This is only the first of 3 events for this year. I'm looking forward to more...hehehe. Check them out at

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Strange bedfellows

An email can really spoil your day some time...

Got one that just droved me up the roof the other day. A colleague decides to be stupid and tried to cover up his incompetencies by doing a tai-chi number on me. In his effort to look like he had it under control and seem important, he even included my boss in the email...mistake number one! You whiny little thing...

He must not have known never to cross me...not when I'm right!...mistake number two. So, short to say that he got a rather not so nice email from yours truly (that I so generously included my boss as well). You see, this man's been working in an environment where people with grouses never voice their thoughts. Boy, do they talk among themselves and behind your back but never to confront. But me, not saying something when there's something to be said? Must be a dream then.

I'm sure it came as a surprise to him. And I'm sure he very much regretted using that tone with me for I know for a fact that he was called in to a meeting with his entire department by the boss. Just to show that sometimes, a little act of arrogance in the name of power can backfire quite badly. Especially in my space.

I have yet to receive his reply to my email...I'm still hoping.

I was just thinking...why does some people act strangely when they given a little power? How come people lose their sense of self and dignity when entrusted with a little authority? Can you get high on power? What drives these people? Hmmmm....power and stupidity makes strange bedfellows.