Thursday, August 16, 2007

Digi Apostrophe

Went to attend the Digi Apostrophe competition last night and it was really interesting!

It's an initiative by Digi to flush out the creative geniuses from the average blokes and showcase their work being interpreted by artists. Over 8500 entries and only 16 was selected to be showcased. The task? Write a short, short story... using only 16 words!! Hah...

Just when you think the average Malaysian public is a dumb lot who cannot create anything new creatively and would buy into anything they are being fed (according to the some people in the government)... it was interesting to see the entries. Some were macabre, some sad and most just got you thinking. All in 16 words?! Yes, more DOES NOT mean better.

Here's an initiative from a corporate body that is serious in promoting the arts in this country, not some haphazard effort with a logo and a slogan with nothing to show. Bravo Digi!!

This is only the first of 3 events for this year. I'm looking forward to more...hehehe. Check them out at

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