Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Strange bedfellows

An email can really spoil your day some time...

Got one that just droved me up the roof the other day. A colleague decides to be stupid and tried to cover up his incompetencies by doing a tai-chi number on me. In his effort to look like he had it under control and seem important, he even included my boss in the email...mistake number one! You whiny little thing...

He must not have known never to cross me...not when I'm right!...mistake number two. So, short to say that he got a rather not so nice email from yours truly (that I so generously included my boss as well). You see, this man's been working in an environment where people with grouses never voice their thoughts. Boy, do they talk among themselves and behind your back but never to confront. But me, not saying something when there's something to be said? Must be a dream then.

I'm sure it came as a surprise to him. And I'm sure he very much regretted using that tone with me for I know for a fact that he was called in to a meeting with his entire department by the boss. Just to show that sometimes, a little act of arrogance in the name of power can backfire quite badly. Especially in my space.

I have yet to receive his reply to my email...I'm still hoping.

I was just thinking...why does some people act strangely when they given a little power? How come people lose their sense of self and dignity when entrusted with a little authority? Can you get high on power? What drives these people? Hmmmm....power and stupidity makes strange bedfellows.

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