Thursday, August 16, 2007

Voices from the past

Got a call from AW yesterday and was told that someone was looking for me. It was Pasree and unknown to her, she will be playing a character voice in the animation I'm currently producing. When I told her that she got the part, she was so excited. I was taken aback a little by the enthusiasm, to say the least. But I'm glad cos it tells me that the project I'm in is headed towards the right direction.

Later that night, I was attending the Digi Apostrophe thingy and met up with another soul that went for the audition. I've known Bernice from the time I was working in Planet Films (some 9 years ago!) We got along talking about it and like Pasree, she too was overly excited about the prospect of this project. She said "Finally, I get to play a character for an animation! Been doing too many voiceovers for radio and telly. Please, please, give me a part!" We went on and on about the project and though she didn't get a role in the upcoming episode, I know she will be in one of the episodes, if not more. I like her voice. We'll KIV it lah!

Finally...some real proof that this is a great project to be in. Just when I thought that I was just the handful of people who's excited about it. Their enthusiasm and wanting to be involved in it really made my day.

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