Monday, September 3, 2007

Merdeka - What's Next?

Just 2 days ago, our nation celebrated its 50th anniversary of its independence. In my opinion, it was a bit of an anti-climax really. No real essence, all glitter. Is this what we've become as a nation?

I was at Pantai Hill on the eve of the big day, waiting to catch a glimpse of the fireworks display at KLCC. Found a great spot, parked the car and waiting eargerly. 5 minutes before midnight, I turned around and saw a huge gathering (about 150 or so people) as eager as I am for some good fireworks fun. The clock strikes midnight...and we waited some more. And more waiting... 40 minutes later, still no firewors in sight. What a damper...and people started leaving. So did I.

I went and drove around Bangsar and noticed the almost silent atmosphere. Isn't it supposed to be a time to rejoice as a nation after 50 years of striving to be a great nation? The silence only told me that it wasn't the case. That it was a sombre occasion. What happened?

Then the sound of fireworks broke the silence of the night and lit the sky... it was 1 hour and 10 minutes past midnight! Apparently, too many speeches delayed the display. I just wonder what was more important, the celebration of a nation or the speeches of politicians?

2 days later and nothing has changed. I really hope people of this country will wake up from their slumber of denial and realise that they have a role to play. Soldiering on will only create more soldiers with no soul. I hate to see us becoming a country full of zombies who can't think for themselves and take steps in being great together.

50 years has come and gone...what's next Malaysians?

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