Monday, September 3, 2007

You are your thoughts

I was having a conversation with a friend today and noticed a pattern among some of our friends. They say that work sucks, can't find the man/woman that they want, money is scarce and blah blah blah...Too much negativity to put into words. But they say they want work that they're passionate about, to have man/woman that love/cares/respects them, to not have to worry about where next month's salary is coming from and blah blah blah... Too much hope to fill these pages.

It dawned on me that these friends of ours seem to be pulled stronger by the under current of their fixed beliefs in life than what they really want. I want a man/woman/marriage but I hate man/woman... Errr... Houston, we have a problem! Men are not gentlemen. women are gold diggers. How lah to have a relationship like that.

Don't you know that what you hold dear in your thoughts will manifest itself in the real world? The same real world that you wake up to every morning and retire every night! And trust me, what you hold dear are not the intended 'wants' in your life but the shoulda/woulda/coulda's of your fearsome, scared, defensive life.

So the remedy is... drum rolls please.....STOP THINKING THE WORLD'S OUT TO GET YOU!! Stop closing the doors to infinite possibilities. And for heaven sake, stop punishing yourself by punishing others!! Just stop, stop, stop and stop!!

The Law of Attraction is simple... you bring forth into existence your deepest thought. For you are the Master Creator of your reality. So the bullshit that you've been brewing in that huge ass cauldron of yours is going to be real, like it or not. In the end, you've got no one to blame for not having anything or anyone who gives a rat's ass about you but yourself. Unless of course, a sad, pitiful life was what you intended in the first place.

Hmmm...some people just love to beat themselves up. My advice... be a friend and knock the lights out of this person to wake them up. If they ask you why did you do that, just tell them "You told me to!" They asked for it, trust me. Really.

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