Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Load up on Hairspray!

It's been some time now since there was a great musical movie that gets you, High School Musical and it's sequel aside. I'm talking Moulin Rouge, Phantom of The Opera, Rent and Dreamgirls. And now...we have Hairspray!

It's a story about a large girl (trying to be PC) trying to fulfill her dream of being a dancer on the Corny Collins Show. Set amidst the racial segregation and integration drama of the 60's, it proves to be an engaging, entertaining and downright feet-tapping-crazy kinda show.

I must congratulate the producers of Hairspray for casting Nikki Blonsky as the lead. She is so bubbly she'll perk you right up with her charm and warmth as Tracy Turnblad, the large girl with a dream.

Despite her size, she is as agile as any when it comes to strutting her stuff on the dance floor. It's just a joy seeing her go through her moves when she breaks into song and dance her heart out. I'll bet large-sized girls around the world will look up to her as a role model no doubt.

For a relatively newcomer to the movie scene, Nikki's first outing sees her working with a long list of established names...John Travolta, Michelle Pfeifer, Zach Efron, Queen Latifah, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden and Christopher Walken. That's quite a feat for a newbie, yet she held her own.

And speaking of Travolta, this movie sees him goes back to the genre that immortalised him forever. Beieve me, it's a thrill to see the man back in his dancing shoes, doing what he does best...albeit not as a man!

As Edna Turnblad, Travolta shines in shaking his booty (a REALLY huge one!) on screen that makes you just chuckle uncontrollably. Under all the make-up and prosthetics, he still managed to give an unforgettable performance. Truly a great performance from a multi-talented actor!

I thoroughly enjoyed the songs from the movie. Heavily influenced by the 60's era, the arrangement and compositions gets you going from the very first song in the opening of the movie till the end. I'm getting the 2-CD edition of the soundtrack. Fantastic!

If you haven't watched now to a theater near you and shell out some dough on a great time at the movies.


Raz said...

Yeah! BIG GiRlS have BIG FUN.... eh eh..

They can jiggit bettah!

blogade said...

Yes, I loved the movie too. I enjoyed it so much that I had to restrain myself from jumping up and dancing and singing to the music during the movie. :P

My bro. watched the actual musical broadway in New York previously and he said that this movie was almost like the real thing, including the casting.