Monday, December 24, 2007

What do you want to watch today?

A week into my new job and I'm beginning to worry...with wonderment no less.

I'm now with the opinion that we Malaysians (Malays more than anyone else) are addicted to tragedy. Other people's tragedy. Why? Because that's all they want to see on telly these days. I'm reading scripts after scripts of these things. Synopsis, story lines, idea pitches and development notes of programmes are filled with tragedy.

Don't get me wrong, I've got nothing against tragedy. Shit happens in this world, I know. But being in the media industry, I think we ought to be a little bit more inspirational than to sell to the masses that 'life sucks, don't bother changing it'. It worries me that 26 million people in this country get to tune in to shows that practically say 'there's no way out, it's been like that for ages, so don't bother'.

If you do drugs, you die. If you steal, you die. If you are forced into prostitution, you die. If you squander millions from the good guys, you die. DIE, DIE and DIE!!! Aiyoh...seems like there's no hope for these buggers. Have we condemned people to typical stereotypes? Is there no chance of a reprise, of turning a new leaf? Have we lost faith?

Hmmm...from the offering on telly these days, it sure seems like we have lost faith. Faith that people can still do good. Faith that there's a way out. Faith that deep in our hearts, there's a human being that wants to do good.

No wonder more people are turning off local programmes and switching on to international channels.

Therein lies my challenge. To change the face of television in this country.


pathfinder said...

That's why i watch Hallmark and Disney movies...cartoons especially and of cos any of Yasmin's movies.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm..... do tragic and get ratings or Cosby shows and get fired?!