Sunday, March 9, 2008

People Power

Stayed up till 4am this morning to follow the election results. Was tuning in since 8pm the night before. I don't think I've ever done a 8 hour sitting of telly in one go before. But this time it's different. It's an event that warrants such a sitting. Also because I voted in it and I want to see what it has created.

As the night goes by and the numbers kept coming in from the voting centres, one thing was for sure. My heart was racing as if a new wave of change is dawning. Indeed, at the end of the night, the wave has swept almost all Malaysians who were tuning in.

It's not the loss of BN or the wins of the Opposition that was exciting. It was the collective voice of the people that was so loud, no one can ignore. Finally, the rakyat has managed to made their anger and dissatisfaction heard, loud and clear. The aftermath...5 states lost to the Opposition and old timer rejected. When Samy was defeated, I let out a scream only most Malaysians can understand! YES!!!

It's still too early to see what will come out of this but I'm optismitic about this change. But I know it's a change long overdue. A change that every Malaysian (except those govt. cronies of course) was looking forward to. This historic event sends a clear message to the people in power that they cannot bully its citizens because it is we who put them in power. And it will be us who will take them down just as easily. So, to the politicians who's reading this...don't ever bite the hand that feeds you.

Okay, now...back to business...let's abolish the import duties for cars. Let's abolish the NEP. And let's make Malaysians proud to be Malaysians regardless of race or religion. Let's be equals.

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Me, First amongst the equals.