Saturday, October 25, 2008

Awan Dania - Scha Al-Yahya's new drama series for Astro Ria

It's been sometime since a down to earth, simple yet funny drama series have appeared on our telly screens. So, I've been hard at work making one...and I'm glad I did

Yes...Awan Dania is now on air, starting 20th October on Astro Ria (Ch 104). A story about the most unlikely candidate to be a Flight Attendant. Dania is rough and tough, grew up in a household of boys and works as a baggage handler at the airport. Yet, her dream have always been wanting to be one of those lucky ones who gets to fly. Go on the journey with Dania to see her coming to terms with her dreams and making it happen.

has a great lineup of casts which consists of Scha Al-Yahya, Nasha Aziz, Irma Hasmie, Hans Isaac, Ummi Nazeera, Remy Ishak and Zizan Nin. A great drama must have the heavyweights of stars while also showcasing new blood. And the new blood in this show certainly made an impact. Scha was an absolute natural as the rough and tough Dania.

From the comments that I've managed to get from most forum groups, almost everybody who watched it loves it! One thing is evident, they love Scha Al-Yahya. No surprises there as she's as real as it gets. Nasha Aziz is ever the beautiful and Irma Hasmie's role as Fifi is a breath of fresh air from the roles that she usually plays.

Can't wait for more episodes to come to the airwaves...


Anonymous said...

saya sebagai perminat scha al-yahya mengharapkan cerita awan dania ini akan terus sampai ke akhir nya dan saya mengharap kan cerita ini selalu bermain di astro.saya sebagai perminat setia mengharapkan benar.saya nak berjumpa dengan awan dania boleh tak.

Shahefendi Shari said...

sker tgk irma hasmie..cute..bro..
lawat blog aku..

Rahayu Abdul Rashid said...

hi...suker gler citer nie...wp baru berkesempatan tgk Ep. 4 & 3... hahaha, tgk version episod dok tgu tgk ep 2 & 1...

anyway, my sweet little daughter pun nama DANIA...and she loves apaebang (kapalterbang) so much...hahahahah!

well done bro, ur acting mmg best...i think ni 1st time i tgk u berlakon! all the best!

gadiskebaye said...

BesS giler la...cite ni.anyway,aq memang nk jadi FA pun.tapi kan,ni 1 time aq t3n90k cite tentang FA. eeeMMM AQ HARAP LAA...banyak lagi cite FA.