Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blu is the new Pink

The format war was over. Blu Ray triumphs over HD DVD...and the world moved on. Yet, I've been holding back on jumping into this new world. Touted as the next best thing since slice bread...or VHS (take your pick!), the brave new world of high definition entertainment is dawning.

I guess there's only so much more I can hold on. So, a few days back, I made the brave decision to jump into it, head first! And boy, what a ride it has been. I went to Sony Style at The Curve and bought myself the BDP-S350 Blu Ray player. It's truly astonishing how Blu Ray totally reinvent ways for you to maximise your enjoyment of movies. And this player is amazing in its own right.

Been swallowing Blu Ray versions of Hell Boy II : The Golden Army, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Transformers, Harry Potter series and Ratatouille. The BD Live options on some of these discs really makes watching those extras much more fulfilling. Iron Man on BD Live was a joy. It goes beyond watching those extras on the DVD. It adds interactivity to the whole process and immerses oneself into the whole experience.

The only thing I had to complain about BD Live is the speed. It's dependant on the network speed you get from your ISP and in Malaysia, that means Streamyx for the most of us. And we know Streamyx...still much to do. Other than that, everything is jolly. The sharpness and definition bowled me over! What's missing is just the HDTV...whish is still a little pricey. Guess it's back to the waiting game on that one. But it'll come, one day.

Can't wait for my Blu Ray copy of The Dark Knight from Amazon to arrive next month. Anxiously waiting for the postman to arrive with the package.

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Anonymous said...

Eh mamat. got no life is it? Not enough excitement with all your girls on the set, hah?

Anonymous said...

Your Awan Dania finally killed off the kayu is it?

Well done.

Prefer the new and warmer trainer.