Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A door closes and another opens on Awan Dania

Just like a wheel that keeps on turning, life too takes on the same motion.

Tonight, a chapter closed on two characters and the beginning of a new one for 'Awan Dania'. Episode 9 makes the end of the road for Kay (Nasha Aziz) and Shahira (Ika Nabila), while Gee (Vanidah Imran) makes her first appearance on highly rated show on Astro Ria.

This is a case of fiction mimicking life. When one door closes, another pops open. That's just the reality called living. While Kay was much loved, Gee brings something fresh to the show. While Shahira is endearing at times, her demise shows that nothing is certain in life. And on a television show, you are at the producers and writers whim. A whim that depends on between how good your character have been and what they had for breakfast! One wrong thing in the equation and out your character goes. Harsh realities but hey, life's like that.

So good luck to the two ladies who have stuck on for the ride. It's been fun, to say the least. And to Vee, welcome onboard. It'll be a great ride...or flight. Go, Go AirAsia! Whoopee!

BTW...Scha, you rock!

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Irra said...

awan dania best!!!!