Monday, May 18, 2009

Panggung Anak Wayang - Kecuali Cintamu (Astro Prima) part 1

As part of Anak Wayang, Panggung Anak Wayang will present the drama Kecuali Cintamu that will become the arena where the contestants will fight it out to showcase their acting talents. Of course, the ultimate prize is to be crowned 'Anak Wayang' at the end of the 10-week competition. Kecuali Cintamu is a 50-episode drama series about lost love and dreams. Ruby (played by Haleeda) is an ambitious woman who gave up her love of Kamarul (played by Mustapha Kamal) for wealth and money. Both went their separate ways and for 20 plus years, they stayed away from one another.
Haleeda plays Ruby Sujak

Mustapha Kamal plays Kamarul Baharuddin

Through a chance meeting, both of them bumped into one another at a convention and it started igniting all their past feelings and emotions. This is the beginning of lots of personal and family drama in these two people's households. Kamarul's wife, Zalikha (played by Nanu Baharudin) is a business rival to Ruby but she was totally unaware of her husband's past. Ruby's husband, Effendi (played by Aman Shah) is beginning to feel left out of Ruby's life as she focuses more on her business that him.

Nanu Baharudin plays Zalikha

Aman Shah plays Effendi

How are these 2 families going to handle these delicate situations? Will true love triumphs over wealth and status?

Find out the answers beginning 25th May 2009, Monday-Friday, 8:30pm-9:30pm on Channel 105, Astro Prima.

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