Monday, May 18, 2009

Panggung Anak Wayang - Kecuali Cintamu (Astro Prima) part 2

As Ruby and Zalikha are thrown into relationship chaos and limbo of their own, their children and people close to them will be affected as well. Suria (played by Sabrina Hassan) is Zalikha's daughter. She's cheery, happy and completely unaware of the storm that's brewing in the family. Her younger brother Zack (played by Ashraf Muslim) is a playboy who thinks nothing of the family business or her mom. Together, the kids will soon find out the meaning of family.

Sabrina Hassan plays Suria

Ashraf Muslim plays Zack

On the other side, there's Jaslina (played by Siti Saleha) the bratty and demanding daughter of Ruby. She's playful and spirited. Her brother Badrul (played by Zain Ruffedge) is torn between his love of photography and his mother's insistence to get involved with her magazine empire. Little did Ruby know, Badrul does not like the privileged and sheltered life. He prefers to go his own way.

Siti Saleha plays Jaslina

Zain Ruffegde plays Badrul

As the mechanic for both families,
Azran (played by Riz Ainuddin) loves nothing more than cars. Jaslina's appearance threw a spanar into his daily routine but he finds her interesting. Yet, Suria admires Azran from afar but never let her feelings for him known.

Riz Ainuddin plays Azran, the family mechanic

With the impending chaos in Ruby's family, Effendi seeks shelter from his troubles in Vivian (played by Janet Khoo). She's Ruby's personal assistant and she's as cunning as they come.

Janet Khoo plays Vivian Phang

Will they find what they are looking for? Will heart triumphs over head? Find out in Kecuali Cintamu on Astro Prima (Channel 105) every Monday-Friday, 8:30pm-9:30pm beginning 25th May 2009.


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