Saturday, August 15, 2009

'10' (Sepuluh) - A new mini seires from Astro Citra

There was a time when a football game was more than just a game. It was a time when the game united all supporters; young and old, near and far. It was also a time when the stands in the stadium is packed with charged up emotions rooting for their teams to win. Players play not for money but for pride and glory for their team.

After a long wait, I am excited with the upcoming release of another amazing Astro Citra mini series in their 'Suatu Ketika...' slot. For the whole of September, '10' will be brought to the screens of Mustika pack subscribers. It is a fictionalised story about Malaysian football and footballers. More importantly, it's a story that bring us back to the glory days of the game in this country and hopefully will reignite the same passion that have since gone by.

The 8-part mini series stars Beto Kusyairy (of Warkah Terakhir fame), Norman Hakim, Anding Indrawani, Cheryl Samad, Intan Ladyana, Radhi Khalid, Kee Thuan Chye and Yusmal Ghazali. It begins 2nd September 2009, every Wednesday and Thursday night at 9pm.

So all you local football fans (especially Selangor!!), here your chance to catch a glimpse of a great Malaysian football story. And for non-football fans, feel the emotions of the characters. As with all great stories, it will have you thinking about what we had, what went wrong and what are we going to do about it NOW!

Hidup Malaysia!

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