Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anak Wayang - Pengurus Acara week

With the two roles for Jururawat and Mekanik filled, it's now time for the third batch of contestants to grace the academy. One of them will join the cast of Kecuali Cintamu on Astro Prima.

The contestants for Pengurus Acara this week are :

1. Mai
2. Hairi
3. Fizz
4. Eiz
5. Meoki

Tune in to them on Sesi Anak Wayang Mon-Wed, 8:30pm-9:00pm on Astro Ria.

1 comment:

Obefiend said...

i find it hard to be enthusiastic about this show. the acting of the majority of the contestant is still cringeworthy. some are good.. but the not so good ones make me covet my skin.. seriously i felt abit malu looking at their attempt to emote.. haha

good luck to all contestant! hopefully as the week progresses we can see better acting. not mere pretty face pak pacaks