Monday, June 8, 2009

Dayana - Anak Wayang's new Jururawat!

After tonight's episode of Kecuali Cintamu, we finally have our first character winner for Anak Wayang. It's none other than Dayana. Just to recap, Dayana and Feeya was the finalists that remained when the juries eliminated 3 other contestants last week during Pentas Anak Wayang on Friday.

Now, Dayana will be feature in Kecuali Cintamu on Astro Prima from today till this Friday. After that she will come back again when all 5 roles have been filled. Then she has to fight with the rest of the winners to stay in the Drama! Exciting things to come for these winners.

Don't forget to follow the 5 new contestants at the academy : The Mekanik. How will the guys fare? Find out daily on Sesi Anak Wayang and Pentas Anak Wayang on Friday. Vote for your favourite Mekanik after the show.


Mya said...

hai chee yeong. minta permission letak gambar dekat blog i.

i credit your name. thanks.. :)

Chee Yeong said...

No problems.