Friday, June 12, 2009

Your Mekanik finalists - Vote now!

It's AWUNDI time again!! This week it's the Mekanik.

When tonight's episode of Pentas Anak Wayang ended, we are left with Afzan and Lan out of the 5 contestants. These two guys are the best of the lot during the Pentas show. Consistent and understands the requirements.

Sadly, Lokman didn't go all out. Biel was too over-confident and kinda annoyed one of the jury, Rashid Sibir. And unfortunately for Amar, good looks just does not translate to great performances as he seem to hold back on what he could've done.

Don't get me wrong, all three of those eliminated can be good actors. Their mistake on Pentas was not being able to shine under pressure. It doesn't matter how talented you are inside. What matters more is for you to show it in front of the audience.

A message to all future Anak Wayang contestants : use Pentas Anak Wayang carefully. It is an important stage to let other people experience you and your talent. It is the stage that can decide whether you stay or you leave the show. Don't play-play!!

I hope the rest of the contestants are serious with their goal of wanting to be an actor. It's really no joke and it is not easy. It's hard work!! Here's your one chance to shine, so use it to the max. And it doesn't require you to be OTT!!

But for this week, remember to AWUNDI AFZAN or AWUNDI LAN to 32999 to choose your favourite Mekanik to be featured in Kecuali Cintamu on Astro Prima. Votes will close 12 noon on Sunday, so hurry up!

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